Monday, July 01, 2013

Welcome to the ChrEDiTS blog!

Christian Education (Distance) in Tertiary Settings needs some major PR. It is often criticised on the grounds of being disembodied, overly cognitive, and formationally poor.

Some people think differently. Some see the potential for theological education to be made more accessible (and some of us think more effective!) through the creative and thoughtful combination of church, learning design, and technology.

The ChrEDiTS Google Group is an informal gathering of theological distance education practitioners discussing issues and ideas associated with TDE. From time to time members of ChrEDiTS will post reflections and summaries of discussions we've had.

We look forward to any comments you would care to make, and welcome you to join us (link to the right)!

Philemon 25,

Mark Nichols (on behalf of ChrEDiTS).